Google Adsense Remarketing

Remarketing has been around for awhile but recently Google has adopted this method for banner displays within Google Adwords, therefore you are probably being affected by it now.

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I noticed it a few weeks ago, when I saw the same non-relevant ads being displays on any website. I recently visited a mortgage website and from that day on, everywhere I browsed I saw that mortgage company's banner. I quickly found out why It's called Remarketing and it's simply cookie tracking

It's no big surprise that Google tracks everything you do online.

I can see how this is great for advertisers ROI, but I'm wondering how it affects Adsense clicks on the Google Adsense content network.

On one side, you can argue that it doesn't matter what ads are being displayed, since remarketing works on the concept of multiple views. You just have to be the lucky one that has the right ad displayed at the right time.

For me, that just doesn't cut it. I want to be in control of my marketing. I want to display relevant ads to my content. Google Adsense used to do that, but with remarketing, it causes problems with my website. All the more reason to use Openx and server my own ads.

For all the people that are using Google Adsense to make money with your website, what do you think about remarketing?

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