About Vertical Thinking Print & Web Inc

Vertical Thinking Print & Web Inc was founded in 2010.  It is Incorporated in the city of Burlington Ontario Canada.

Fundamentally Vertical Thinking Print & Web Inc services small businesses with marketing solutions such as print marketing materials, web design and web marketing.  Vertical Thinking Print & Web Inc has always striven to do things at the highest possible level. This includes the quality of our products and also the customer service we provide. We do not believe that customer service should suffer in order to reduce prices. We feel that there is always an innovative way to be able to give clients what they want and of course, what the customer wants is the best product, at the best price, from a company that is friendly, responsive and stands behind their service and products.

In 2016, Vertical Thinking Print & Web Inc launched LilySpeech. This was a new direction for the company aiming to give consumers an affordable yet highly effective speech recognition product. LilySpeech allows Windows users to talk rather than type. Many users achieve up to 200 words per minute using only their voice.  LilySpeech is the first Windows software to leverage Google’s amazing voice to text service.

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