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Having a web site is a necessity for the success of most businesses in today's technologically advanced society. Nevertheless, simply having a web site doesn't mean that it is going to gain the public indication needed to be successful. That is where web hosting ( linux web hosting ) comes into play. With web hosting you lease a place in a serve and displayment to the internet. The pricing of web hosting can range anywhere from the bare minimum for free to the most advanced for a varied prices depending on the web hosting company and the type of web hosting ( windows web hosting ) you decide to go with.

One type of web hosting that works toward getting exposure to your web site, but is somewhat less common than other types of web hosting is cluster hosting. The constructure of cluster hosting has a tendency to lean more toward more complex design, executivement and support. Networking resources shared computer, and different applications than they are in a cluster.

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It is often referred to as a server farm since it consists of a group of independent servers. However, the group functions together toward a common goal.

If a company experiences an IT system failure, there can be a lot of money lost while the website is down. This is where cluster hosting ( windows web hosting ) comes into play. When linked to a single server error occurs if the user does not return, while a cluster, the user can immediately and always go with what they did. If one server of a cluster host would happen to fail, there is an automatic backup.

A complex cluster can take data and split it into manageable sections that independent servers can then process. That way if one server should fail, it does not affect other.

There are a couple of different kinds of cluster configurations in cluster hosting as well. These include an active/passive cluster and active/active cluster.

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