I'm a rookie blogger

I'm a rookie blogger and have been searching for the perfect "free" WordPress theme ever since I started 9 weeks ago and 48 hours ago I think I found it! It's the one you're looking at right now..at least if you're on your computer and not your smart phone.

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Its called Custom Community by Themekraft. Version 1.9.1 (Free)

The below paragraph is their description

My main issues with the half-dozen free themes I've been playing with over the past 9 weeks!

  • My Header Picture
  • Theme width
  • Sidebar and Footer width
  • Total control of all color

I'm not a computer geek, but I'm also not a computer dummyIt always seems I could never get the god dang header picture to go where I wanted no matter how much I "trialed and error ed" it! Someone's head was always chopped off or I couldn't get the object of the pictured centered! Ha! But now I have all the options to pin point my header exactly where I want it!

Tons of header options to place it just where you want it!!

The second issue that really bugged me and I know it's just a personal preference is the width of the blogor the width of the content of the blog post. Too darn skinny/narrow. On my previous themes I was just stuck with what I got (to skinny), but with "Custom Community", I can dial the width in exactly!

I think my site looks good at 1100. I started out at 1250, but needed a little more room for my right sidebar

My third semi-irritating issue was not being able to control the width of my right sidebar. I have always used the Facebook "like" box as a guide (pictures of my fans). Right now my Facebook "like" box is 5 fans wide. In previous themes I could only do 3 0r 4 fans wide. Again, I know it's just a personal preference, but I like the five fans wide and this theme give me the ability to do this!

Loving how you can adjust the width of the sidebar

One of the final issues I was having was that of choosing the exact colors I wanted for any part of my site. Most of the free themes I came across had a fixed amount of color schemes for the background, header, menu bar, etc. When I first started blogging, I thought I would want to have an array of cool and vibrant colors up everywhere. Now that I have been doing this for a few months, I've come to realize I want mostly white especially for myblog-posts. There are a lot "white" themes out there, but they are too simple with minimal customization. With this theme, I am able to get the colors I wantor in my case, the colors I don't wantplus customize all my header, footer and widget areas!

In my humble rookie blogger opinion, Custom Community is the perfect free WordPress theme to fit my needs! A few more screen shot below and thanks for reading! Peace

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