I published the website and that's when the fun stopped

I published the website and that's when the fun stopped. There we're gaps in the middle of words and some of the formatting that showed up during the building of the site had gone or just wasn't working. I ended up, viewing and editing the source html. I usually have no issues with html coding, and I don't know if it is normal for Xsite Pro, but it had inserted a whole heap of coding that created all sorts of issues for the webpage.

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Rather than edit it all myself, I used the notepad "Replace" function to find every instance of the rogue code and replaced it with nothing. I saved and republished the page, hit the Refresh Button and there it was My Work Here Was Done.

Then I bought an old lapsed domain name from GoDaddy, put a couple of Adsense ads on it and published it without content. I have had a quick read through the comments that you fine people leave for me, and it's almost tea time I am feeling very pleased with myself, and I must admit, some of the comments give cause to feel rather proud, knowing that the things I write are helping people.

All that is left is to finish off this post with my usual signature line, add the adsense code and a couple of hyperlinks and I'm done for the day.

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