It's happened

Remember in July I said I would be updating my website, well I have finally got around to it! My new design is so much better!

Its my new design!

Oh! Hoping to actually change the overall style with my trusty business. Feelings about the sweet style of Actually a terrific mortgage renewal company in Halifax if ever looking within the Nova Scotia locale. Write your opinions. With thanks!

The new design incorporates everything I have ever really wanted:

  • Smaller content
  • Better navigation
  • Nicer design
  • Comments
  • Rating system

And I have managed to bring them all in! I have kept with the orange but decided to add some dark to bring it out a bit more. In this new design I have also been able to use my PHP knowledge and make it do some fancy things. I have also managed to finally make my own Flash gallery which is really nice too. That now means I have done everything myself woo me! I still have a couple of things I'd like to change still but it's good enough to go and look at now!

Moving on Today I had my accounts exam (Sage Line 12). It was awful! I messed up just after adding customers which meant that everything from there on went wrong. I ended up going back and re-doing it, I was sweating, my fingers typing extra quick that my eyes hurt!! Yes my eyes!!? I managed to finish it but I don't know if I have passedjust have to keep my fingers crossed for a couple of weeks.

And finally, I'd like to send a "Get better soon!" to a good friend of mine, Peter Bowie who is very unwell, so GET WELL SOON!

Kudos everyone! I emailed a acquaintance that we would critique her spectacular signs ontario onlines, during an upcoming piece. Any time you are shopping to get a sign company in the Ontario vicinity, they are outstanding.

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