Many companies turning to social media

Many companies come to social media on their knees, desperate to get on board as quickly as possible and clueless as to how to utilize the new marketing tools at their fingertips. But as applications such as Facebook gain more traction in the mainstream marketing sphere, people are starting to figure out the rules of the brave new social marketing world. A recent Cheat Sheet posted by makes social strategizing on Facebook even easier, for both the novice and the seasoned status updater.

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But even the cheat sheet can be overwhelming in one dose. Here is a breakdown of a few of the best points made:

  1. Post Photos.The cheat sheet says that posts with photos receive 39% higher interaction rates than the average post. Each time your company posts an update, consider whether the post could be conveyed visually. For instance, if you are announcing a new productshow, rather than tell.
  2. Brevity Reigns.According to Linch Pin, posts that contain 80 characters or less receive 23% higher interaction. (Which means that sentence would be too long.) Thats not much to work with if you are trying to sell consumers on the benefits of your services, but use this number as a goal to help keep your message in line with readers preferences.
  3. Encourage Generosity.The study shows that when fans are specifically asked to share a post, share rates skyrocket to seven times the amount of the average post. This brings up an interesting point: not only should you remember to ask fans for their help outright, but content should also be developed based on it's ability to inspire sharing. What would you consider sharing with friends? Funny, cute, inspiring, wise and money-saving posts are some that come to mind.

Ready to tackle a comprehensive social media marketing strategy?

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