Instagram is a BEAST!!!

Seriously though Instagram is a BEAST!!! Who would have thought sharing photos and adding a few hashtags here and there could produce such instant engagement? Most will think of Instagram as a network mainly for the millennials, but actually the network is for anyone looking to build a social network of followers.

One of the most common interests for users of Instagram is to build a massive following of users that will like, comment, and share their content. If you are not a mega star like Justin Beiber or any a number of other A list celebrities then consistency will be required on your part to build a massive following. Consistent engagement in the form of posting intriguing content, liking content of interest, commenting on others content that you have found of interest, and following others with the same interest as you.

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The process of building a massive following of users on Instagram requires a few things.

- Create a personal bio that includes your interests, expertise, services that you can provide to others. Include links to additional content to backup your bio description. Have a look at my Instagram account if you need an example.

- Follow Instagram users that share interests, expertise, or that require the services that you can provide. Only offer to others what you are 100% capable of providing.

- Like, comment on, and share content either of others of your own based on the interests, expertise, and services that you can provide. Doing this step will define you as valuable source of information that others will come back to when they need trusted advice or insight.

By consistently doing the three items listed above your Instagram followers will explode and content that you share will receive constant engagement. The main thing required to build a massive following is to be consistent.

Additionally something as simple as having a clear profile head shot picture of you smiling, instead of a generic company logo, a scenic landscape, exotic car, or no profile picture at all, produces a higher follow rate for those that come across your profile.

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