Amazon Affiliate Programs A Great Way to Get Up and Running as an Affiliate

If you are brand new to affiliate marketing and just want to dip your toe in the affiliate pool to see if the water is cold, Amazon has created one of the easiest systems to be up and running with you own store based on any of the products that Amazon offers. The affiliate program offers a wide array of options to fulfill the needs of the beginner to the advanced affiliate marketer. It is true that the payouts may not be as aggressive as some other affiliate programs but the ease of being up and running in a matter of minutes makes this a great solution to learn how affiliate marketing works and if it is right for you.

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If you have a site that focuses on a specific vertical in terms of a demographic, think about what products would best match your audience. Through the Amazon affiliate portal you have the opportunity to select a few products that you think hit your target market, or if you have a broad general market you can select entire categories of products for your store.

For the ambitious newbie or the advanced web developer you have the ability to play with a robust API (Application Programming Interface) which provides the tools to deep site integration allowing for a seamless user experience. I have worked on several project where the affiliates site delivers a complete shopping experience with the user almost never being aware that they are shopping with Amazon.

As part of blog project I have recently created a few Amazon stores that I will be using to drive revenue for several sites that I am developing across a number of markets. Here is a quick list of the sites that I launched in about 30 minutes total.

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