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Free WiFi in Central London Thanks to Nokia

Nokia has launched free WiFi in central London this week, with an initial trial lasting 2 months which may turn into a permanent service next year if the trial is successful.

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The 26 hotspots are located on phone boxes around Oxford Circus, Westminster and surrounding areas and are operated by Spectrum Interactive.

Although free Wi-Fi is not uncommon in London, it is rather fragmented with most WiFi available from pubs, bars and restaurants as well as some shops. many of these also require customers to give their personal details when logging in, which the new Nokia service does not.

The BBC website also states that "there are also ongoing talks to put wi-fi on London tube stations so passengers can browse the web while they wait for a train."

The increase in available free WiFi can only be a good thing for companies using mobile marketing methods, such as URLs and QR codes on outdoor display advertising. Companies have often been criticised for using QR codes on underground tube posters, when there is no signal for customers to visit the sites and purchase, so this will be a big step forward if the initiative is fully rolled out . Also, more focus will need to be put on designing mobile websites if brands want their customers to have a quick, user-friendly experience when browsing the web out and about.

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