Linedin is, in my opinion, one of the best social networks around. It...

Linedin has so many tools to help your career, connect with industry professionals and be well versed on trends and news. The platform is laid out well and easy to navigate. Check out these tips to build your profile until you become a Linkedin pro!

  • Complete your profileand keep it updated

One of the most important, basic things you can do on Linkedin is have an up-to-date and complete profile. The platform even goes as far as giving you a percentage of how complete your profile is. This gives current and potential future contacts the ability to search more easily. It also shows that you care about your professional image and progress. You want to make sure you accept requests to connect every time you log in too!

  • Look through suggested connections

I do this frequently to see if I can connect with old friends or colleagues. Having these established relationships provides an easy connection to even more people on Linkedin. You never know who can connect you to the next place you'll work.

  • Reach out to same or similar industry professionals

Although they may be your competition, you can always learn something from other industry professionals. You strive for the same goal and speak to the same audience. Invite someone in your same position to coffee and let the ideas and inspiration flow!

  • Search for contacts based on area when traveling and catch up

One great feature of Linkedin is the ability to categorize contacts by location, company, industry or recent activity. Under the contacts tab, you can easily view all of your contacts based on these attributes. This makes it very easy if you're traveling somewhere and want to catch up with local professionals, or to find people in your industry to network.

  • Post updates

Im sure you read news about your industry. Who doesn't at least every now and then? Share this content with your community. If you don't seek out the articles on your own, Linkedin does a great job of collecting them and sending you a weekly digest based on your industry and interests.

  • Join groups

There are so many groups on Linkedin- one for every location, interest or thing in common. Join your alumni group, similar industry groups and local groups. You can also search based on your church, national organization or a number of other categories. You can opt-in to a daily or weekly summary of the conversations going on within the group. This is a great way to connect with strangers or just know current events in your industry.

  • Connect with fellow alumni

Youre crazy about your alma matter. More often than not, so is everyone else who went there! The bond shared between attending the same university is a special one that allows for easy conversation and many things in common.

  • Follow companies

In the same way you can like a brand or company on Facebook, you can follow companies on Linkedin. Whats nice about this feature is that you can see all updates from the company, including promotions, job postings and general progress. This is all great material when you go in for that interview!

  • Connect with coworkers

Yes, you may see them every day, but it's always good to have that online connection too. Professionals change jobs pretty often nowadays thanks to the web. They may be gone tomorrow without so much as a good-bye. If you're connected online, you'll never lose that direct line of communication.

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