How Google Make Their Money and How You Can Get a Piece of The Pie

Google significantly changed how we use and view the internet. I consider them to be one of the greatest and most visionary companies to ever hit the internet. They have grown from being a small start up to being a multi billion dollar company and, at the writing of this article, are growing from strength to strength.

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They virtually own the internet and though competition has grown and they seem to be losing ground to companies like facebook, they still hold a significant portion of the market. Lately, they have not really endeared themselves to the internet marketing community because of the stringent measures they have implemented to their search algorithms and their PPC Advertising platform, Adwords.

They say they are doing it to protect the people who pay them for advertising purposes and love them or hate them, they are in this business to make money after all. They need to keep their shareholders happy.

You might be asking how Google makes all that money when they are most known for being a free search engine. Well, what Google have done is create a platform on which billions of people congregate.

Google Adsense Can Earn you Money Online

They have managed to attract eye balls and advertisers like eye balls J. Good marketing is managing to put as many eye balls as possible on your offer. When we do an internet search, we will see adverts, depending on our geographical location, directly above, beneath on the right side of search results.

This form of advertising is very powerful because your adverts are being presented to an audience that is already looking for that information and are more likely to click on your advert in search of their answers.

Theres a complex criteria through which adverts are presented to the viewer but I will not get into it in this post. What needs to be understood is that their advertising is highly targeted. Their 2 sides to the Google advertising platform namely Adwords and Adsense.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the side where advertisers pay Google to show their adverts either in search engine results or through contextual advertising. I will get into the definition of contextual advertising a bit later.

The Adwords platform allows you to target keywords and a specific demography which includes geographical location where you want your advert to be shown. What it then means is that your advert is presented only to the most relevant people.

Facebook has been so successful because they have been able to get more specific user information like age, sex, nationality, likes, preferences and more meaning that advertising can be more targeted. As a matter of fact, it can be very specific.

Google has tried to counter this by bringing in their own social media platform Google+ . Coupled with this, they have also introduced integration of all their services so that all their services products can be accessed through one account.

Though this has brought a lot of convenience to people like myself who use a lot of Googles services, the main reason behind this is profiling. They want to know more about you so that they send more relevant adverts your way.

Adwords is Googles cash cow and more income streams are being added to this. Adsense on the other hand allows webmasters to benefit by earning about 50% of ad revenue. Google gives you a code that you install on your website.

This code reads the content on your website and then generates adverts on your website that relate to your websites content. This is how a good number of webmasters with content sites and blogs monetize their websites.

If you don't have a website or blog of your own, there are free platforms that you can join that will allow you to be able to earn revenue using Adsense. These are mostly revenue sharing platforms but free platforms like blogger will enable you to earn and keep all the revenue.


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